In 3 Steps How To Fix Toxic Backlinks?

In 3 Steps How To Fix Toxic Backlinks?

If your website doesn’t rank higher or track enough organic traffic, toxic backlinks can be why. These backlinks may harm your potential rankings, SEO, and brand visibility. But how? 

Let’s explore and solve the toxic backlink issue within minutes:

What is a toxic backlink?

Toxic backlinks work as spam. Basically, when a spam, low-value, or irrelevant website uses a link to your website in its content, it harms your link. Eventually, search engines explore the situation and decrease your value too. As a result, the backlink becomes toxic. That kind of situation mostly happens with unusual domains and ugly websites.

How do we fix the toxic backlink?

You can delete these toxic backlinks with these easy steps. Also, you can repeat it every month to secure your domain.

Step 1: Log in to Semrush and go to “Backlink Audit” and then to “Audit”. Here you can see all the toxic backlinks in one list. 

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Select all the toxic backlinks and click on the icon that refers to the “Disavow List”

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Go to the “Disavow” section and click on “Export to TXT”. After you take the list, you need to make a small adjustment. Delete the “domain:” part from each domain. You can do it easily on Google Docs by selecting the “find and replace” feature.

resim 2024 07 02 134741823

Step 2: Go to that link “” and select your property. Afterward, add the TXT file to it.

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Step 3: Since you uploaded the links to Google, go back to Semrush and admit your process. Simply click on that button to confirm that you’ve fixed the toxic backlinks. By clicking this, Semrush reduces your toxic backlink score and gives more accurate results.

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With these easy steps, you can fix the toxic backlink problem within minutes. Even if the number of toxic backlinks is a lot, you can resolve the situation without any worries.

Get in touch if you have further questions about backlinks or SEO. We would love to help you by improving your SEO and rankings!

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