What Is CopyScape And How To Use It?

What Is CopyScape And How To Use It?

CopyScape is an alternative for users who want their content to be original. In addition, CopyScape ensures that the site contents are protected and that there is no copy in the contents, and thus it provides benefits in terms of copyright.

What is CopyScape and how does it benefit you?

CopyScape first analyzes the site content and then constantly checks whether the content on the site is used from different sources. In this way, the user does not have to search manually. Thanks to CopyScape, users are instantly informed via e-mail in case of possible data theft.

What is CopyScape and how does it benefit you?

How to use CopyScape?

Used to prevent content theft, CopyScape includes a special content analysis tool. This content analysis tool uses a special algorithm to prevent the unauthorized sharing of articles and content on your website. CopyScape consists of 2 different options, Free and Premium. By checking the content theft by typing your site address directly, you can get support without paying and you can see on which sites the relevant content obtained as a result of the query is used. In addition, the comparison of content from two different addresses in queries makes it possible to analyze according to content copy status. To perform analysis, simply enter two different URLs or texts directly into the system in the Compare Articles or Websites tab.

What are the CopyScape Premium features?

Premium saves you the hassle of doing manual inquiries. In this way, the site is constantly scanned and controlled. If your content is published on any site, it gives you feedback through reporting.

What is an SEO content writer?

With CopyScape premium, users can access secondary use. In order to protect against content theft, your internet is scanned 24/7 and if any violation is encountered, the results are sent to you via e-mail. It is suitable for use in different projects as it is an open system and contains different options such as API. Advantages offered in the premium option,

-Exclude certain sites from querying,

-Remote control and query system with API,

-Shared use and control by adding team members to the project

-Copy control up to 10 thousand pages,

-Copy control over different formats such as PDF

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