What is Majestic? How Does It Work?

What is Majestic? How Does It Work?

Majestic is one of the world’s most accepted tools for link analysis and provides support for SEO.

What is Majestic, what does it do?

The first steps of the Majestic were taken in England and then it started to be used all over the world. Majestic’s purpose is to provide data to SEO experts and website developers. Offering services for individual and corporate customers, Majestic has competitors in the industry such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and MOZ Pro, but unlike these tools, Majestic focuses more on connections. Just like other tools, Majestic allows you to analyze the link of a website or websites that may compete with this website and allows you to compete with your competitors in terms of backlinks. In summary, if connection-oriented work is desired, it would be more beneficial to choose Majestic.

What does the Majestic report offer?

What does the Majestic report offer?

Majestic shares data in different tabs after querying for the website. The point to be considered in this regard is to interpret these data properly. It allows you to evaluate the connection profile in detail from the summary section in the tool. The summary section has a very understandable design with its graphics and warnings and is a tab where data is compiled for you. This section, which contains a lot of data such as flow, trust status, forwarded IP addresses, and crawled URLs, also allows you to see the backlink profile of the site.

In the topics section of the Majestic tool, there is data related to the website content and the field in which it operates. In that way, it allows you to find out which area gets the most backlinks. This is an important issue because Majestic gives you the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive analysis because data from competing sites with similar goals is valuable for a website.

Finally, in the Ref domains section, Majestic includes the sites you get backlinks one by one, allowing you to learn about your new competitors and to be informed about new developments from this tab.

What is an SEO content writer?

Majestic Membership Prices

Majestic is offered for membership with 3 different plans, Lite, Pro, and API. The Lite plan is $49.99 per month, the Pro plan is $99.99 per month, and the API plan is $399.99 per month. 

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